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(On her worst audition) Sister Act. I get this call: they're having trouble finding the young mousy nun so they want me to go in. "But isn't this singing?" I ask. "Yes, they know you don't sing." I go in, read the scene, it goes well and the director says to me, "Will you sing a song for us?" I said...

Lauren Holly

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Lauren Holly Videos : NCIS - The dressing room (part 1)

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cbs behind the scenes ncis navy cis mark harmon pauley perrette sean murray cote de pablo lauren holly david mccallum michael weatherly dressing room part 1
NCIS - The dressing room (part 1)
The Costumes and Wardrobe of NCIS (Pauley-Abby, Mark-Gibbs, Cote-Ziva , ...) Watch it ! Rate it ! Love it ! Video by CBS/ with German Subtitle
Original Video uploaded to YouTube by BlondAngel07 at 11:40 PM Dec 5th
Posted by celebfan at 2:50 PM Feb 25th
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