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David Giuntoli Videos : Nakid Reality Presents Reality Bar Crawl Volume3, Part2

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Nakid Reality Presents Reality Bar Crawl Volume3, Part2
That Guy David Graham Presents Nakid Reality - The Reality Bar Crawl Tour. The first Reality Bar Crawl Tour featuring Real World and Road Rules cast members from MTV. The tour featured Mark Long, Eric Nies, Steven Hill, Frank Roessler, Rachel Robinson, Dave Giuntoli, Abram Boise, Mallory Snyder, Christina Trainor, Adam King, Ace Amerson and more. The tour was produced by David Graham of Rise Entertainment Marketing. The tour featured Naked Reality at its finest. Our "strangers" lived on a tour bus, touring the country, interrupting Britney Spears concerts, racing go-carts, traveling from city to city and exposing nightlife. Our DVD series featured two tours worth of footage.
Original Video uploaded to YouTube by ThatGuyDavidGraham at 8:39 PM Aug 26th
Posted by celebfan at 2:17 PM Feb 25th
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