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You have to believe that you are the character or the thing or whatever the hell you're playing.

Chris Penn

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Chris Penn Videos : Zerando Gta San Andreas (Salvando Gta San Andreas Completo)

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ending rockstar games zerando gta san andreas salvando completo
Zerando Gta San Andreas (Salvando Gta San Andreas Completo)
Aqui é o vídeo completo Zerando Gta San Andreas Para PC. Todo o texto do jogo foi dublado por vários atores e músicos como: Dublador - Personagem Young Maylay - Carl "CJ" Johnson Faizon Love - Sean 'Sweet' Johnson Yolanda Whittaker - Kendl Johnson Axl Rose - DJ Tommy 'Nightmare' Smith MC Eith - Lance 'Ryder' Wilson Clifton Powell - Big Smoke Ice-T - Madd Dogg Samuel L. Jackson - Frank Tenpenny Chris Penn - Eddie Pulaski Peter Fonda - The Truth James Woods - Mike Toreno Armando Riesco - Jimmy Hernadez James Yaegashi - Wu Zi Mu Clifton Collins - César Vialpando Yolanda Whittaker - Kendl Johnson
Original Video uploaded to YouTube by leodeibson10 at 7:58 PM Aug 23rd
Posted by celebfan at 3:08 PM Feb 25th
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